For Orlando


In the middle of the night in her bed

Or in an Orlando nightclub

Time keeps moving without waiting for our us to catch our breaths

We need reassurance that our hearts will beat again

We search for answers

The only answer I can ever find

Is what comes out of darkness

The coming together of people who carry heavy hearts and heads

Until light comes again

It always does

And darkness, it always does too

Because without night there is no day

On the first star I see tonight what I wish for is to not have to worry about monsters under my bed

or assault weapons or mass shootings or hatred or anti-semitism or homophobia or racism or bigotry

The kind of darkness I would hope for would be the kind you would see far away from city lights on a clear night. The kind of darkness you can fall asleep under and know the dark night is holding the light of the stars until the morning sun comes to say hello.

I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. - Anne Frank