Christmas lights & Miami heat

Walking the streets of South Beach

Until we blinked

And saw crowds of people followed by blurry days

A snow that lit up the Nashville sky and traced our new footprints

Until we blinked

Our eyes opened to longer days

Where I stood awkward on the sidelines

Missing the sound of my son's number one fan

Until we blinked

Craving burgers he proudly grilled on summer evenings

And long, hot family days at the pool

I saw his faded tattoos and pale white skin in the water

Wearing that same old bathing suit from Target year after year after year...

Back to the years where he would throw the kids at the pool so high in the sky

And they would say while laughing "again Daddy just one more time and higher this time, Daddy."

It's gonna be a long summer without you, Jay. 

The below song is one of Jay's favorites called "My Daughter in The Water" by Loudon Wainwright and it sums up exactly how he felt about his daughter, Zoe. The picture is our "Have Your Selfie A Merry Little Christmas" FB post taken in Miami in December.