Mark Zuckerberg, I wonder if you know this?

I am pretty certain when I saw the movie a few years ago about Mark Zuckerberg starting Facebook, there was no mention of his intention to help 45 year old widows. But really Mark, I am grateful for this crazy online community that you have created for people even if it was initially I think for college kids to hook up? And even though if I am not in the right mood, posts of smiling happy families can bring me down. And even if  I am sick and tired of seeing my kids glued to social media and I sometimes fear for their future because of it (but really my kids are way too cool for Facebook so I can't blame you for that anyway).

I think I am cynic of Facebook turned fan of it. As I learn how to be right now, I need it. If you remember the old Bellsouth phone commercials, I need to know I can reach out and touch someone. I know every person going through a hard time may not agree that there can be healing in Facebook but we all have our unique ways of navigating change and loss. It feels good for me to know people are here more than ever because sometimes in the middle of the night or day or the middle of my life, it is dark. 

I know I am posting a lot but I am so grateful for a place where I can post a photo of my puppy on a Saturday night or I can pour out my heart and soul. And sometimes the audience is small and sometimes it is bigger but it seems there is always at least one person out there who gives me a thumbs up or a nice comment. 

And those thumbs ups and comments help me. I don't mean to sound corny but they do. They keep me strong and they allow me to have the alone time I need right now to recover myself but also to feel connected to people. 

It's easy to be a cynic of Facebook and I have run the continuum from not being on it, to being on it here and there, to where I am now and as I see how it is helping me, I think what maybe Mark got right for me and maybe for others too is that beautiful part of the human spirit that wants to cheer others on and be cheered on, that wants to be known and that ultimately desires to be a part of something > than themselves.

Song is Blue Mind by Alexi Murdoch