Chocolate Mint Ice Cream

Junebug did not know that that after the sudden and loud loss of her dad at age six, in second grade her classmate would lose her mom to cancer and what ensued after was a series of events beginning with her classmate's dad bringing over Baskin Robins Chocolate Mint Ice Cream and evolving into many sleepovers with her classmate until third grade when a small wedding on Fairfax Avenue took place. Junebug's classmate, Suzanne, was now her sister and she had a second dad.

Suzanne and I are eleven days apart. My mom and second dad are eleven days apart. Whether you believe in magic numbers or not, there is magic in this story. 

Two great dads in a lifetime is magical. Jay loved my dad and on most Sunday evenings at dinner at my parents' house, they could talk for hours about everything from architecture to politics to stories about my dad growing up in Nashville. He hired my dad to be the Engineer for many of his real estate projects and always loved bragging about his father-in-law who he described as being the very smartest and best Structural Engineer and Architect in Nashville.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! Below is a song by one of his favorite bands, Peter Paul & Mary.