Summer 2017 Poetry 3

One after another, the summer continued and ended with more poems.

Where Love Belongs

I take a knee But it does not seem enough So I follow with my head And on the ground I feel the earth spinning It’s upside down Top heavy with headlines of hate Flooded with indifference Cowered on its axis Covering .png

America, America

The blue sky looked so big And all that the rays of the sun touched Turned golden And no one was hungry America the Beautiful I saw mouths move around me And heard the gentle words we sang about purple mountains Wher.png

Finding Our Way

Until I do in the middle of my lifeWhen she comes knocking at my door on a cold winter dayI hear her gentle voice and her wordsI see her vibrant tomboy self clutching her Curious GeorgeI feel her fear and lonelinessI.png

Nothing To Say

I wonder if I have anything to say My words are no longer chasing my loneliness away Sweat does not fall from my fingers on hot summer days And the late night storms that poured onto a page Are replaced by sleepy rai.png

When I Write 

A video poem

I Had No Idea

Background is fabric created by my friend and Nashville artist, Liz Hodder


She Wore Overalls

Back To The Years

Craving burgers he proudly grilled on summer evenings And long, hot family days at the pool I saw his faded tattoos and pale white skin in the water Wearing that same old bathing suit from Target year after year afte.png

Eclipse In Nashville


I Breathe So Deep

1 (1).jpg

Save The Trees

I think we should use less paper and cut our love stories into tall trees Me + You = Us That is a happily ever after I would love to pass onto my kids-9.jpg

Wish Upon A Star


Homemade Words


My Lane